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Are you ready to explore the seventh continent? Traveling to Antarctica is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It is a destination that will awaken the extraordinary and profoundly inspired person in you. 

Antarctica is magical, a landscape beyond compare. Find yourself amid the colossal icebergs, geothermal beaches, seaside cliffs with glaciers curling over the top, and an abundance of marine and avian life that you can only experience here. 

Touch down at this luxe Antarctic base camp

While most travelers tackle Antarctica from posh cruise ships departing from South America, you can opt to take off from Cape Town on White Desert’s 13-passenger private Gulfstream jet. Touch down five hours later on the sustainably-minded tour company’s ice runway on the southernmost continent. 

The White Desert is the same company that provided safety and on-ice survival assistance to the team that located the wreck of the Endurance, polar explorer Ernest Shackleton’s ship, lost to Antarctic ice in 1915.

If you are looking at experiencing the most remote yet most luxurious camp on the planet, reach out to Inspired Travel Designs, and we will take you to a once-in-a-lifetime experience in White Dessert

Whichaway Camp - Virtuoso

Whichaway Camp – Virtuoso

Virtuoso travelers get to have these exclusive perks: 

  • A donation of $100 per Virtuoso guest will be made to The Ocean Clean-Up, they are a non-profit organization utilizing and developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic.
  • Early check-in and late checkout, subject to availability
  • Daily breakfast provided for up to two guests per accommodation

Base Camp, Antarctica

Looking out the window before landing, you can see the vast whiteness of Antarctica. It is surreal! 

With its cozy, amazingly outfitted, and highly comfortable polar sleeping pods, Whichaway Camp is already an experience. These pods are in this little canyon that looks out over a frozen lake to a glacier with the mountain ridge – called a nunatak – coming through it is like, a priceless art made by Mother Earth. 

The meals are divine: Imagine Wagyu steaks on searing hot salt stone and mushroom ravioli topped with shaved truffles! Luxury at its finest. But the best part of the meals is connecting with lively, multilingual, and multinational people.  

Here, you get to enjoy a sauna with glaciers as your view, cocktails by the fire, and conquering your bucket list adventures.

Echo sky pod's interior resemble a space station - Virtuoso

Echo sky pod’s interior resemble a space station – Virtuoso

Ice-World Adventures

Waking up and checking out the view from the window and seeing blues, whites, and browns dancing with each other in that majestic Antarctic panorama is surreal. Sipping your morning coffee and hearing the sound of nature is serenity. 

A favorite activity is visiting the ice caves. Hiking to the nunatak is an excellent trekking experience. Visiting an emperor penguin colony is a new definition of gorgeous, but keep your distance and respect their space. 


Emperor Penguins - Kelvin Trautman

Emperor Penguins – Kelvin Trautman


Prepare yourself for a monumental experience on a trip to the South Pole. Fly in an unpressurized turboprop, stop by at Dixie’s Camp and marvel at the horizon in every direction. 

Clay and Matthew at the South Pole - Matthew D Upchurch

Clay and Matthew at the South Pole – Matthew D Upchurch


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