Australia’s Secret Wonderland: Tasmania

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Tasmania, an island state of Australia, is home to pristine landscape and delightful charm that will have you fall in love with the place repeatedly. I recently asked an Australian native what part of Australia most people miss. Her answer was Tasmania! I also asked her what region of Australia was her favorite. Again, her answer was Tasmania!

Breathe in the cleanest air in the world. This air is from strong westerly winds found in the southern hemisphere. There is no contact with land for thousands of kilometers, and this hits the ground of Tasmania! How about that!

Inspired Travel Designs can help you traverse this wonderland. Immerse yourself in Tasmania’s incredible natural wonders, art scene, history, culinary delights, and fantastic wildlife at your own pace in luxury. 


Check out this self-drive Gourmet Tasmania tour which includes the best of Tasmania. This includes Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. Of historical importance with some of the early settlers. Plus, in 1804, it was established as a British penal colony. Great gastronomical offers and a treat for the art enthusiasts awaits. 

Wander through the historic backstreets and the waterfront area of Salamanca and Battery Point, where many galleries and cafes are located. Explore this city’s most iconic attractions in your own time. 

Start your day with some of the region’s excellent local produce. Think fresh fruit farms, wineries, cider houses, dairies. 

See MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)! It is Australia’s biggest private museum with modern art and antiquities collections. It is breathtaking and undeniably brilliant. This museum never fails to inspire, confront and challenge. 

Drive through the charming country and experience The Agrarian KitchenTake a tour of the grounds and kitchens to see the behind-the-scenes. Meet the chef and savor a sensational two-course meal of seasonal, local produce and enjoy a mix of pleasant conversation over good food. 

Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart, Tasmania


Cradle Mountain top is perhaps one of the best views in all of Tasmania. Note that this is a World Heritage wilderness area. There is a plethora of wildlife, flora, and fauna. 

Learn about Tasmanian wilderness through the eyes of the Tasmanian artists and explore their history and life through original sculptures, drawings, paintings, and installations. 

When thinking about Tasmania, this is the first thought that would come to your mind. Experience a close encounter with the Tasmanian Devil – the world’s largest carnivorous marsupials. Seeing them in real life is an unforgettable experience.

Go all out by going into a scenic helicopter ride and be in awe of the breathtaking views of the following:

Fury Gorge, Cradle Mountain, Dove Lake, Crater Lake, Houndslow Heath, Barn Bluff, Mt Emmett, Lake Will, Waterfall Valley, Waldheim, and more!

Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain

Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain


Whisky drinkers will love a quick stop at the House of Whisky. They specialize in rare and local whiskeys from around the island. 

A conversation between a cheesemaker and a brewer gave birth to Bruny Island Beer Co. They brew beer in small batches, stir everything by hand, and lift the tip. Very artisanal indeed!

Go to a Charles Oates Distillery Experience! A Tasmanian take on French tradition. Their unique apple spirits capture the essence of the Tassie’s fruit, producing a fine apple brandy. A visit to the distillery will introduce you to creating great cider spirits.

Charles Oates Distillery Experience

Charles Oates Distillery Experience


Discreetly overlooking the Hazards Mountains, Freycinet Peninsula, and the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay, Saffire Freycinet lodge blends humankind and nature with breathtaking beauty.

Saffire Freycinet is a toast to the art of service, internal and external wellbeing, local culinary delights, ancient landscapes, and abundant wildlife.

Here is the variety of activities that awaits you in this extra-luxe accommodation:

  • Go to an oyster farm located in a beautiful setting with views of the Hazard Mountains. Immerse yourself in this journey where you’ll be one with nature. Devour the freshly shucked oysters straight from the lease—a toast to one of Tasmania’s most iconic experiences.
  • Be on the lookout over internationally recognized Wineglass Bay. 
  • Go kayaking and unwind while you absorb the breathtaking beauty of the Great Swanport estuary.
  • For the lovers of luxury dining: Immerse yourself in an interactive experience while you participate as one of Palate’s creative and delicious dishes is prepared from start to finish. 

Read more about our luxury lodges here.

The Lounge at Saffire-Freycinet

The Lounge at Saffire-Freycinet


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