Champagne: A Luxurious Cruise Experience

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Welcome to the Champagne region of France, where lush forests, picturesque vineyards, and rolling cornfields set the stage for an extraordinary adventure. While meandering along the tranquil riverways, you can savor the world’s favorite sparkling wine, known and cherished by all. In the heartlands of Europe, Champagne’s charm extends beyond its effervescent elixir, as it has evolved into a gastronomic mecca renowned for its culinary delights.

The Gateway to Gastronomy and Elegance

Situated just 75 miles from Paris, the Champagne region offers a captivating blend of landscapes. From verdant vineyards to prestigious champagne houses like Moët et Chandon and the charming cities of Reims, Meaux, and Epernay to the tranquil allure of the River Marne, you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking panoramas. Immerse yourself in an epicurean journey by indulging in delectable creamy Brie and Coulommiers cheeses and savoring the tantalizing nuances of local mustards.


Coulommiers Cheese

Coulommiers Cheese

A Treat for History Enthusiasts

For history enthusiasts, Champagne presents a captivating narrative woven through the finest medieval cathedrals in Europe. Among these treasures is the cathedral where 30 Kings of France were crowned, including the legendary Charles VII, an event masterminded by the loyal and later martyred Joan of Arc. A river cruise in Champagne allows you to explore this historically rich region.

Summer in Champagne: The Ideal Time to Cruise

To experience the Champagne region in all its splendor, plan your river cruise during the warm summer months of May and June. The sun-kissed weather and welcoming atmosphere create the perfect backdrop for your exploration. Whether you seek the rich tapestry of history or the wonders of gastronomy, Champagne promises to fulfill your desires. On board our luxury hotel barges, you’ll find all the amenities and more to ensure an unforgettable journey.



Exploring Champagne with Panache

May and June usher in the chance to explore Champagne aboard the Panache, a luxury hotel barge designed to accommodate up to 12 guests. Indulge in gourmet meals and fine wines as you navigate the charming waterways. Relax in generously sized junior suites and unwind on the spacious sun deck with a heated spa pool. Your journey will include:

  • A visit to the boutique champagne house of Frerejean Frères.
  • A delightful lunch at the family domaine.
  • Tastings of Brie cheese.
  • An exploration of the grandeur of the Cathedral of Reims.

Luxury Awaits on La Nouvelle Etoile

La Nouvelle Etoile artfully combines traditional elegance with modern-day facilities for a genuinely luxurious barge experience. Your journey will include visits to magnificent châteaux like Vaux-le-Vicomte, Château-Thierry, a site marked by fierce battles during World War I, and Belleau Wood. You’ll also partake in a private wine-tasting visit to the cellars of Moët et Chandon.


Moët et Chandon Vineyards - European Waterways

Moët et Chandon Vineyards – European Waterways


Champagne Cruise Highlights

Your classic Champagne cruise promises a journey of exploration, history, and the finest wines. Choose between two classic cruises to gain a profound understanding of the region.

Panache Cruise:

Embark on this delightful cruise in Paris, where you’ll arrive at your luxury barge moored in Châlons-en-Champagne. A champagne welcome sets the tone as you cruise along the Canal Lateral à la Marne to Tours-sur-Marne. Explore the 800-year-old Reims cathedral and discover the grand squares of the city. Enjoy a guided tour of Moët et Chandon, one of the world’s best champagne houses. Your itinerary includes a private champagne tasting at the boutique Grand Cru winery of Frerejean Frères. Journey along the Marne to Dormans, home to a water mill and World War One memorial, and then visit the American cemetery at Belleau Wood. Finally, your cruise concludes in Château-Thierry, where incredible town views overlook the river.


Hotel Barge Panache - European Waterways

Hotel Barge Panache – European Waterways


La Nouvelle Etoile Cruise:

In Paris, cruise past iconic landmarks like Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower for memorable photo opportunities. Along the River Marne, visit Châteaux Vaux-le-Vicomte and explore the Meaux cathedral. In Meaux, don’t miss a visit to a local cheese maker renowned for “Brie de Meaux.” Sample cheese and wine from the cellar before cruising to La Ferte.


Meaux Townhall and Cathedral

Meaux Townhall and Cathedral


Travel to Chateau Thierry, a site associated with intense American battles during World War One. Your journey continues to Reims, where you’ll explore the Cathedral and the historically significant Musee de la Reddition. A visit to the Abbey of Hautvilliers offers insights into the history of Champagne and the pioneering work of monk Dom Perignon. Finally, arrive in the village of Cumieres, just outside Epernay, for a private wine tasting.

The Allure of a Champagne Region Cruise

The Champagne region beckons as a top-tier holiday destination, offering mesmerizing vineyards, rolling hills, and some of the world’s most exquisite wine and cheese. Immerse yourself in rich history and delight in delectable food and drink. A Champagne cruise allows you to venture off the beaten path and onto the tranquil waterways, where expert guidance ensures you experience the best this region offers. Your journey begins here if you seek a truly unique and captivating holiday.

Explore the beauty and charm of Champagne aboard a luxury barge, where sparkling wine and culinary delights await. With a rich history to discover and an unparalleled landscape, Champagne offers the best of France just waiting to be explored. Take the chance to embark on a remarkable Champagne cruise experience.

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