Copenhagen: A Magical Christmas Experience

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What makes Copenhagen’s Christmas so unique? The city’s rich history and culture create a truly magical atmosphere. Discover Copenhagen and satisfy your wanderlust.

Copenhagen Christmas and Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word that means “coziness.” It’s a way of living that focuses on small pleasures.

In Copenhagen, hygge is everywhere. You can see it in cafes and restaurants with candles and warm colors. It’s on display in the numerous Christmas markets and cozy shops open year-round—even when it’s freezing outside.

Danish winters are renowned for being long and gloomy. Therefore the Danes use their best weapon against the night: hygge and the countless candles that go with it.

Copenhagen exudes Christmas spirit and “hygge,” of course! Experience the holiday atmosphere of Copenhagen, where age-old traditions are mingled with pure joy and good times.

Copenhagen Christmas and Gastronomy

A significant element of the Danish Christmas “hygge” is food.

Communal Dining

Copenhagen has seen a rise in the popularity of communal dining in recent years. What’s not to enjoy about tasty and varied food at affordable pricing and excellent company in a lovely setting?

  • Absalon – Join the Vesterbro locals for a communal meal (and much more) at Absalon. Any Copenhagen resident can tell you about this riotously colored former transformed cathedral. Your morning coffee shop, afternoon hangout, nighttime pub, and restaurant where you share a meal with 180 other people.

Absalon -

Absalon –


Have a Christmas beer in Copenhagen

When the spirit of the season is in the air, starting on the first Friday in November, Juleøl, the Danish word for Christmas beer, is one of Copenhageners’ favorite beers.

The craft beer revolution that swept across Copenhagen in the early 2000s upended the beer industry, including the market for holiday brews. Local, cutting-edge breweries with an emphasis on premium craft beers sprang up all around, and today, almost all of them let the jingle bells ring for some holiday brew.

  • Dia’legd – This is a specialty pub in Vesterbro where you may sample a wide range of beers from the Danish island of Funen. The Refsvindinge brewery’s full selection of beer is available at Dia’legd. That is more than 20 different kinds of beer, ranging from pilsner and wheat beer to white beer, porter, ale, and bock type beer. A famous “best beer in Denmark” since 1997, Ale no. 16, is also available and will always be on the menu.

Dia'legd - Dialegd facebook account

Dia’legd – Dialegd facebook account

Copenhagen Danish Pastries!!!

Copenhagen has experienced a fresh bread and pastry revolution due to the country’s intense gastronomic focus in recent years.

As a result, Copenhagen has seen an increase in fresh bread and pastry shops. And you’ll adore these locations if you want a good, crispy croissant or a steaming, freshly made loaf of sourdough bread.

  • Hart Bakery – Hart Bakery is famous for its mouthwatering pastries. Visitors should believe the buzz and go straight to one of the most coveted bakeries in Copenhagen, if not all of Denmark, in a city that is overflowing with freshly made bread and pastries. In 2021, Hart Bakery opened up Hart Brd + Bar on Galionsvej 41 in addition to their store on Frederiksberg, inviting you to savor their delectable bread and a glass of wine by the lovely waterfront.

Danish Pastries in Copenhagen

Danish Pastries in Copenhagen


A Christmas Classic Copenhagen

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than traveling to Copenhagen and visiting Tivoli Gardens. The park is open year-round, but there are unique attractions during December, like an ice rink, a Christmas market, and a holiday parade.

You can also ride on one of the carousels—or watch the horses prance around while you enjoy some delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream! If you’re feeling adventurous, try some of their winter activities, like sledding or snowshoeing. Or take some time to walk around and admire the beautiful architecture and design that makes this park unique.

  • The Christmas Market at Tivoli Gardens

There are many places in Copenhagen to celebrate Christmas. Still, if you’re looking for a traditional Danish experience, a visit to the city’s Christmas markets might be just what you need. These markets feature all kinds of festive treats from the local area, including Scandinavian specialties like hot wine and gingerbread cookies.

The Copenhagen Christmas Market is one of the city’s most popular events. It features live music and entertainment, a wide variety of food choices, and beautiful decorations. The market occurs at one of Copenhagen’s most iconic locations: Tivoli Gardens. The gardens were built in 1843 and are known worldwide as one of the best places for family fun.

Visit the market later in the evening and watch fireworks displays from your seat at the market!

Main Entrance to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Main Entrance to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen


Floating Santa Lucia Parade in Copenhagen

Christmas in Copenhagen is a magical time; there’s no better way to experience it than by taking in the floating Santa Lucia parade.

The parade occurs on December 13th every year—the day after Saint Lucy’s Day. It’s kind of like Christmas Eve, but without all the stress! The city is decked with lights and flowers, and everyone is so happy.

The parade itself is fantastic: it’s led by a giant traditional ship that carries Santa Lucia and her maids, who are dressed in white dresses with red sashes and crowns of candles on their heads (hence the name). They sing songs as they float through the canals of Copenhagen, accompanied by other ships decked out with lights that float behind them.

It is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see!


Floating Santa Lucia Parade in Copenhagen - Bar PR

Floating Santa Lucia Parade in Copenhagen – Bar PR

On Castles and Fairy Tales

  • Rosenborg Castle – a gorgeous example of Renaissance architecture, with a long courtyard flanked by two wings. There are also gardens on both sides of the castle that you can explore. The castle is a museum filled with royal artifacts throughout Denmark’s history. You’ll find everything from paintings and tapestries to furniture and china—all designed to give an intimate glimpse into what life in the palace would have been like back then!


Rosenborg Castle - Copenhagen, Denmark

Rosenborg Castle – Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Christiansborg Palace – The palace is located in the heart of Copenhagen, and it is truly a sight to behold. The palace is known for its ornate decoration and architecture—but don’t let that stop you from enjoying its other features! The grounds are full of lush gardens and beautiful water fountains, which are open to visitors during daylight hours every day of the year except Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (December 24th & 25th). It’s now home to the Danish parliament and is open to visitors who want to see the beautiful architecture and historic interiors.


Christiansborg Palace - Copenhagen, Denmark

Christiansborg Palace – Copenhagen, Denmark


  • Kronborg Castle – Copenhagen is a city that is steeped in history. To get a good sense of what that means, take a trip to Kronborg Castle, which has been standing since the 1400s. You can see where Shakespeare’s Hamlet was filmed and enjoy a tour of the massive fortress.


Kronborg Castle - Copenhagen, Denmark

Kronborg Castle – Copenhagen, Denmark



A young couple’s love affair gave rise to The d’Angleterre, one of Copenhagen’s top 10 hotels. Maria Coppy, the daughter of the royal cook, and Jean Marchal, a French servant, fell in love in the middle of the eighteenth century. Jean was an expert at serving the wealthy, while Maria was renowned for her culinary skills. In 1755, Mr. and Mrs. Marchal opened a dining establishment on Kongens Nytorv. The history of d’Angleterre starts here.

The d’Angleterre has maintained its identity for more than 260 years because of the founder, Jean Marchal, and his successors’ talent and instinct for delivering excellent service, hospitality, and comfort. The foundation of the d’Angleterre legacy is this custom.

The owners and every staff member have lovingly continued the hotel’s 5-star outstanding classification as the only hotel in Denmark and to be one of the top hotels in Northern Europe.

d’Angleterre Facade - Virtuoso

d’Angleterre Facade – Virtuoso


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