Costa Rica: Extraordinary Adventures!

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Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano the most active in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s endless beaches, dense rainforests, volcanos, river valleys, and biodiversity offer various adventures and breathtaking panoramas around every corner. Slightly larger than Switzerland, this small country is divided down the center by a chain of volcanoes.

As a leading country for sustainability, Costa Rica is the only country to increase its forest to 53% of the ground. Organic food is the norm, and renewable energy is common. Long known for adventure and outdoor activities, let’s look at some of the extraordinary experiences.

A Costa Rican vacation is perfect for romance, breathtaking beaches, wellness/yoga, scuba diving, biking, trekking, and even motorcycle tours. Whatever your preference, Costa Rica can provide.

View of Arenal Volcano from Nayara Tented Camp

View of Arenal Volcano from Nayara Tented Camp. Image Costa Rican Trails

Glamping at the Foot of a Volcano

A tent with a view? This is my kind of camping! Named to the 2020 Hot List of Best Hotels in the World by Conde Nast Traveler, Nayara Tented Camp does not disappoint. Waking up to view the smoking tip of the Arenal Volcano as dawn breaks over the rainforest is an unbelievable experience. Each tent comes with a plunge pool. The tented camp is part of the Nayara Springs and Gardens complex, considered the best hotel in Central American and in the top 10 in the world. 

I can VIP you at this hotel and many others in Costa Rica through my affiliation with Virtuoso and partner on the ground in Costa Rica, including upgrades, preferential check-in and check-out, spa/food credits, and special experiences. 

Costa Rica Arenal Volcano lava trail hiking

Hiking the lava trail at Arenal Volcano. Image Costa Rican Trails

Costa Rica Costa Rica Volcano Hiking and Hopping

The massive Arenal Volcano is one of the most well-known spots in Costa Rica and the most active volcano of the last 50 years. There are six active volcanoes in Costa Rica, with another 61 dormant or extinct ones. The best way to see all of them is by helicopter. 

Around Arenal, you can picnic on the lava trails, zipline through the forest canopy, and hike. One hike ends in the soothing volcanic hot springs. Nice recovery! Many resorts have hot spring water for a therapeutic end to an adventurous day.

The area around the volcano features kayaking, boating, and paddleboarding. Hot springs and waterfalls are also present; horseback riding is available below the volcano summit.  

Culinary Costa Rica:  Dining in Extraordinary Places

Known for Farm to Table dining and there are many ways to experience fine cuisine. Imagine tasting the Costa Rican culture with birds and monkeys serenading you. Have a floating dinner on the Tortuguero Canal surrounded by an evergreen forest. An intimate picnic on the banks of the river is quite breathtaking. Prepared for you under the forest canopy is a beautiful candlelit dinner. 

Sustainable farming leads the way in Costa Rica. You can go to the farm, choose what you wish to eat, tour the farm and then have a delectable lunch made fresh from your choices. 

Your inquisitive tastebuds will be satisfied, from staying at an award-winning organic coffee plantation to participating in chocolate workshops. Bean to bar chocolate workshops culminates by tasting the 2000-year-old drinking chocolate recipe used by the Mayans and Aztecs. 

Blue Sky River and Falls in Costa Rica. Also known as Rio Celeste

Blue Sky River and Falls. Also known as Rio Celeste.

Blue Sky River (Rio Celeste)

Below the Tenorio Volcano, two mineral-rich rivers meet to form the Rio Celeste. A chemical reaction in the water between these rivers creates enchanting blue waters. A hike to the waterfalls and views of the river is mesmerizing.

View of frog on a nighttime hike in Costa Rica

Iridescent frog on a nighttime hike in Costa Rica. Image Costa Rican Trails

Nighttime Hikes in Costa Rica

70% of the wildlife in Costa Rica are night animals. Guided hikes on the suspended bridges, trails, and beaches bring you close to turtle nesting, turtles, and chanting frogs. These nighttime tours give a whole new meaning to the music of the night!

Costa Rican Hospitality 

When you ask a Costa Rican what a traveler should know about their country, they tell you the people’s hospitality without hesitation. The Costa Ricans are friendly, joyful, and ready to welcome and share their country with you.

Costa Rica Wildlife

Nearly 25% of the country is preserved for national parks and wildlife. It is home to 27 national parks and takes up five percent of the world’s biodiversity. The Los Quetzales National Park allows birdwatchers to get a full aerial view of the various species of birds. Monkeys are very apparent in the jungles as well. The Corcovado National Park is another prominent place to visit for frequent whale-watching and dolphin sighting. The humpback whales are offshore from July through November. 

Humpback whales off the coast

Humpback whales off the coast. Image Costa Rican Trails

While whale watching, you can also catch the acrobatic antics of the spinner dolphins. You will find yourself immersed in 300+ spinner dolphins jumping around on this boat safari.

Birdwatching in Costa Rica

Costa Rica bird watching. Image Costa Rican Trails

The second-largest bird migration on the planet takes place in September and October. Costa Rica is one of the top five countries for bird watching, with 921 species recorded. In October and November – and again in March and April – the skies over Costa Rica’s Caribbean region fill with an aerial “river of raptors” as millions of hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures, owls, and other birds of prey fly a long journey to South America for the winter.

Costa Rica is one of the oldest centers for sea turtle conservation. Five of the seven species of sea turtles come ashore on both coasts of Costa Rica for nesting. Tortuguero National Park is the most critical nesting place on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, and you can see the nesting turtles from July to mid-October. On the Pacific side, leatherback and pacific green turtles can be seen at Las Baulas National Park on Playa Grande in Guanacaste.

White-water rafting

White-water rafting

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

Named as a Biosphere Reserve, Rio Pacuare offers a white-water Caribbean experience through the safari-like jungle. According to National Geographic, it is one of the top spots for white-water rafting. The highlight of rafting in the Rio Savegre includes coming into contact with the jaguars, tapirs, and birds that pass by the riverside.

Costa Rica has something for everyone. From romantic, luxurious resorts to wildlife and jungles and exquisite cuisine. The hospitality of the Costa Ricans will win you over and give you a magical vacation. I can make these magical experiences happen. Contact me, and I will make it happen.