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Mendoza province, located in the western central part of Argentina, is a treasure trove for wine enthusiasts and nature lovers. With its breathtaking Andes Mountains as a backdrop, Mendoza is known as Argentina’s central wine-producing region, boasting 1,500 wineries. Beyond the vineyards, Mendoza offers a vibrant cultural scene with universities, museums, theaters, and art galleries. Join us as we uncover the perfect blend of wine, food, and scenic splendor that Mendoza offers.

Catena Zapata – High-Altitude Viticulture at its Finest 

Nestled in the foothills of the majestic Andes mountains, Bodega Catena Zapata is a renowned winery known for its high-altitude viticulture. The winery’s architectural gem, an imposing Mayan-inspired pyramid, greets visitors as they enter the property. Owned by Nicolas Catena and his daughter Laura, Catena Zapata showcases the excellence of Argentine wines.

On our last trip to Argentina, we stopped by a local wine store in Buenos Aires to purchase some bottles to take on our Azamara cruise. You can see the four bottles recommended below. The one that we still talk about is the high altitude wine from Bodega Catena. We shared this bottle with the sommelier on board the ship as the sommelier had never tasted a wine from this high altitude. Extraordinary!

Exquisite Argentine wines, including the high-altitude Catena, purchased to take on our Azamara cruise

Exquisite Argentine wines, including the high-altitude Catena, purchased to take on our Azamara cruise

Discover the secrets of high-altitude winemaking while visiting Catena Zapata, and indulge in wine tastings.

Video from Catena Malbec Youtube Channel

El Enemigo – Where Inspiration Meets Tradition 

Created by the winemaker of Catena Zapata, it opens its doors to wine enthusiasts at the winemaker’s home in Chachingo. This intimate setting allows guests to experience premium wines from Adrianna Catena and her partners at Aleanna Winery. The winery, named in memory of the winemaker’s maternal grandfather, offers a tour and a delightful lunch, creating a unique and inspiring wine experience.

Benegas – A Blend of History and Passion 

Immerse yourself in the history of winemaking at Benegas, a 110-year-old winery lovingly restored to its original charm. Owner Federico Benegas Lynch has preserved the winery’s heritage while incorporating modern winemaking techniques. Taste the exceptional Benegas and Benegas Estripe wines, including their old Cabernet Franc, and witness the collaboration between passionate winemakers Federico Benegas Lynch and Michel Rolland.

The tasting room at Benegas, Mendoza Province- Bodega Benegas Facebook Page

The tasting room at Benegas , Mendoza Province- Bodega Benegas Facebook Page


Valle de Uco in Mendoza – Where Scenic Beauty Meets Winemaking 

Excellence Embark on a journey to Valle de Uco, the exclusive high-altitude wine-growing area, and visit two remarkable wineries: Salentein and Andeluna. Salentein, known for its architectural beauty, combines stunning landscapes with a diverse range of wines. Explore the Killka art gallery, indulge in wine tastings, and savor a delicious meal at the winery’s restaurant. Andeluna Winery, steeped in history and romance, offers a unique dining experience against the backdrop of the magnificent Andes.

Video from Bodega Andeluna YouTube Channel

Sunrise Horseback Riding at the Andes 

Awaken your senses with an invigorating sunrise horseback ride in the mountains. Accompanied by a knowledgeable gaucho guide, embark on a memorable journey to a viewpoint overlooking Quebrada del Durazno. As the sun rises over the valley, enjoy a traditional Argentine breakfast with mates and tortitas, all while taking in the spectacular views of the Andes. This unforgettable experience is a perfect way to connect with nature and start your day in Mendoza.

Mid-morning Mendoza Wine Tour in the Thriving Uco Valley 

Explore the thriving Uco Valley with a mid-morning wine tour. Visit Corazon del Sol Winery, where winemaker Santiago Achaval crafts exceptional wines using estate-grown grapes. Sample a range of vineyard-driven wines, including Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. Afterward, head to Piedra Infinita, part of the Zuccardi empire, for a delectable four-course meal with Zuccardi wines. Indulge in regional flavors while surrounded by picturesque mountains and vineyards.


Corazon Del Sol Vineyard - bodegacorazondelsol Facebook Page

Corazon Del Sol Vineyard – bodegacorazondelsol Facebook Page


Day Trip to Estancia Rancho E Cuero 

Escape to the soul of the Andes with a day trip to Estancia Rancho E Cuero, a remote haven belonging to the Palma family for over 200 years. Immerse yourself in the richness of the flora and fauna of this natural reserve. Enjoy horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and 4×4 drives, all while surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. The warm hospitality of the Palma family ensures an unforgettable experience on this Andean ranch.


The Landscape at Estancia Rancho E Cuero, Mendoza Province - Rancho E Cuero Facebook Page

The Landscape at Estancia Rancho E Cuero, Mendoza Province – Rancho E Cuero Facebook Page


DiamAndes Winery in Mendoza – French Heritage in the Uco Valley 

Indulge in an exquisite dining experience at DiamAndes Winery, founded by the Bonnie family, who left France searching for new horizons. Discover the architectural jewel that harmoniously blends into the stunning Andean scenery. Before dinner, take in the magnificent view of the Uco Valley from a captive balloon and toast with sparkling wine. Then, savor a romantic dinner accompanied by live music, immersing yourself in the rich flavors of the region.


DiamAndes Winery - Bodega Diamandes Facebook Page, Mendoza Province

DiamAndes Winery – Bodega Diamandes Facebook Page-Mendoza Province


A journey to Mendoza, Argentina, brings you the perfect blend of wine, food, and scenic splendor. From world-class wineries like Catena Zapata, El Enemigo, and Benegas to the breathtaking landscapes of Valle de Uco, sunrise horseback rides, and unique dining experiences, Mendoza offers an unforgettable adventure for every wine and nature enthusiast. 

Discover the magic of this Argentine wine region and immerse yourself in the rich flavors, cultural heritage, and natural beauty that make Mendoza a truly remarkable destination.

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