The Best Travel Apps I Used Around the World

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Embarking on a few journeys around the world through nine countries in the past year was a transformative experience that allowed me to discover the world. In this blog post, I’ll cover the five indispensable apps that became my trusted companions, shaping each day of exploration and adding convenience to my adventures. 

Google Maps: A Masterclass in Navigation

Google Maps emerged as the hero of my travels. It’s the roadmap I use to navigate foreign landscapes. Beyond the basics of walking directions and travel time estimations, Google Maps simplified the complexities of the Tokyo subway system. The app directed us to the correct platform. It recommended the best subway car and exit, making our city exploration in Tokyo smooth and efficient, avoiding common mistakes in its complex subway system. It is pretty fantastic in other countries too, even if you only need walking directions!


Google Maps

Google Maps. Best travel navigation app used in nine countries.


Google Translate: Bridging Cultural Divides

In a world where language can be a big problem, Google Translate became a very useful tool, effortlessly breaking down communication barriers. Whether talking to locals or understanding complex menus, the app’s ability to translate English into local languages was incredibly useful. The real breakthrough was its camera feature, which instantly translated foreign signs, menus, and text into English. As a traveler with gluten-free dietary needs, this feature was a lifesaver, allowing me to confidently explore local foods without worrying about my diet. I’ve even spent the day with a family in Brazil using Google Translate to communicate! Did I mention I have used it in my hometown to communicate a dietary preference to a server for whom English was not their first language?


Google Translate

Google Translate. Invaluable travel app for deciphering signs and menus.


XE: Your Currency Maestro

Handling currencies in different countries can be tricky, but XE was a helpful tool. By entering the amount of Japanese yen, or Hungarian Forint, XE quickly and accurately gave the costs in USD, making currency conversion much easier. Dealing with currencies like Euros, Hungarian forints, Japanese yen, and Korean won, XE became a must-have tool, simplifying financial transactions and helping me get the most out of my money.


XE Currency Converter

XE Currency Converter. Best currency exchange travel app.


Trip Plans: Streamlining Your Itinerary

The chaos of travel often lies in the details, and Trip Plans proved to be what kept my itinerary organized and accessible. Honestly, you can only get this app by invitation from a travel advisor and some tour companies. If you book travel with me, I provide this to my clients, who rave about it. Providing a comprehensive overview of daily schedules, airline updates, and gate assignments (in real time!), this app has become my go-to resource for managing the intricacies of a multi-country journey. With a staggering 142 checks during my travels, Trip Plans ensured I stayed on track and saved me from downloading multiple airline apps. Its user-friendly interface and real-time updates made it indispensable to my travel.


Trip Plans App

Trip Plans App


AccuWeather: Mastering the Elements

Weather, a powerful force influencing travel, became easier to manage with AccuWeather. The app gave me reliable daily updates, helping me plan my activities accurately. My favorite is the hourly forecast to determine when there might be rain!


AccuWeather App

AccuWeather App


Among many travel apps, these five essential tools made my journeys smooth and well-planned. From navigating Tokyo’s complex subway system to exploring diverse cuisines abroad, these apps weren’t just tools but the masterminds behind memorable travel experiences. As you plan your next adventure, don’t underestimate the power of these apps – they are not just tools but indispensable companions that can elevate your travel experience to new heights. So, as you embark on your next journey, armed with technology and wanderlust, remember to include these five apps in your digital arsenal – your future self will undoubtedly thank you for it!